Last evening we had my daughter (and chief photo critic) over for
supper, and post repast we repaired to my photo computer to finalize
my choices for The Book.

We chose three, and decided to touch up the first one a bit in LR.
Hmmm... nothing is happening.

Quit LR and re-launched. It showed the grid view but wouldn't open a
photo full-size.

Shut down the computer (a Mac Mini) and re-started it. There are two
external drives, one with my photos on it and another with a Time
Machine backup of the photo drive. The photo drive icon appeared, and
then a message that it needed repair.

Launched Disk Tools; it labored for about 5 minutes before deciding it
couldn't repair the drive. Tried a couple more times; checked all the
connections... no go.

It was late, so I turned everything off and went to bed.

Turned everything on this morning, and the photo drive still won't
open (though its icon is on the desktop), and the Time Machine drive
isn't even appearing.


At least I know the computer's User Stress Detector is working properly.

When I get home from work, I'll try connecting the drives to this here MBP.


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