I'm with Larry on this. A couple of you heavy hitters send your K-1s in
and let us know how it works out before we send ours in.

On 2/21/2018 23:51, Larry Colen wrote:
I'm very impressed by their offering this. I'll wait and see how well
it works for other people, and if I have the money, I'll consider

Stanley Halpin wrote:
OK, so I was wrong. Maybe I do need to move on from K-1… Good move
by Ricoh. Hopefully Precision is up to the task.


On Feb 21, 2018, at 7:39 PM, Bill<anotherdrunken...@gmail.com>

This is cool. Get your present K1 upgraded to the K1II camera. I
don't think I've ever seen a manufacturer do this before.



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