Good Communication is a hard skill.
Effective Communication is yet even harder.
(Christina A., who is, IIRC, a specialist in Communication can probably vouch for that.)

I am always surprised when fairly standard things are done awkwardly.
The school group photo I mentioned a few days ago has a "caption":
three lines of names for the three rows of people in the photo.
That's nice, so you don't have to painfully think of the name of that guy that kept taking your pencils without asking your permission.

But, the order of lines is in reverse, i.e. the "Front row" is written on top, and the back row is at the bottom. Why? To make it more challenging to match the names, so that you would feel more rewarded in the end?


It reminded me of the "Ahead Stop" practice for the road markings in the US:
(Read the comment that appears on "mouse-over")

Cheers and have a good weekend!


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