I bet that guy's reaction felt quite rewarding for you.

Indeed, often, when people dump to Facebook all snaps they took without _ANY_ filtering, - the probability of some ugly-looking photos
(awkward poses, facial expressions, etc.)  is high. Hence the perception.
And, as we have recently discussed here, selfies taken with wide-angle lenses aren't that flattering.

Some people feel very insecure about how they look. And all those factors amplify these insecurities. I'd venture to say that many people are that way, but some are just not brave enough to ask someone not to take their photos.

One dance event (probably Fusion Exchange), - had wrist bands of a different color that meant "do not photograph". That was convenient for everybody, eliminating/lowering the anxiety for everybody. In case a photographer did not notice, the dance could just show the wrist band, and nobody felt offended.


Larry Colen Wed, 11 Apr 2018 14:02:32 -0700 wrote:

Another great story Igor.

There's a local dancer who asked me not to take photos of him. I generally do my best to comply, which can be challenging because his favorite part of the room to dance in generally has the best light.

A couple years back he tagged himself in one of my photos on facebook. He wasn't the primary subject, but was in the background. I apologized for posting the photo, I hadn't noticed him in it, and he said no problem, it was a good photo and he didn't really mind good photos being posted.

Some people don't want any photos of them posted, some don't want any identifiable photos posted, and some just don't want bad photos posted.

A couple of years ago at another dance event (PBEX) there was a young woman that was seriously getting in my face about taking photos at the dances. Long story short, other people told me that she had been causing trouble for a lot of people, the event organizers apologized to me for the way she had treated me and said that I should have told her that I was one of the official event photographers. I hadn't formally signed on, but they know me and in effect consider me "credentialled".

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