That's excellent.

That's pretty much exactly what I was thinking of when I said to crop in tighter on the bird.

Subash Jeyan wrote:
On Sat, 14 Apr 2018 19:52:38 -0400
ann sanfedele<>  wrote:

I wouldn't like you to lose the tree the branches are coming off of
that the bird is perched on... the shape of the branches adds rather
than detracts...
Keeping the same proportions and zooming in a bit though might be a
thing to give the bird a bit more weight.

thanks Ann. how does this look?

like i was saying in my reply to Ken, the neem trees are blooming and
that was part of the photo for me. thanks for looking..


Keep 'em coming , Subash!


On 4/14/2018 12:15 PM, Ken Waller wrote:
Nice capture Subash, I too would like a crop - to a portrait
orientation, removing some of the greenery on either side of the

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From: Larry Colen<>
Subject: Re: PESO: koel

Subash Jeyan wrote:
early morning visitor:

k5iis, DAL 55-300

comments, if any, are appreciated...
That's a great shot. I'd love to see it cropped in a lot tighter
on the bird,

Larry Colen (postbox on min4est)

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