On 12/5/18, Christine Aguila, discombobulated, unleashed:

>I had the chance to hold the Sony A7 II--the mirrorless full frame. 
>Wow!  It felt really nice in-hand.  I thought the auto-focus had some
>zip to it as well.  

The A7 has ended up being the weapon of choice as a small 3rd video camera for 
professional TV camera monkeys so the video must be good. I haven't trodden 
that path, mainly because I'm scaling back as I head to retirement soon. 
They're all buying 4K stuff now (even though nobody's asking for TX in 4K yet, 
still HD).

I've already bought my retirement present (the Pen F) and I'm looking forward 
to doing some shooting with it any my Fujis when I can pack in all this TV 
nonesense ;-)

And just to keep it on-topic, I do (of course) use some Pentax lenses :-D



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