Bruce - no smiley appeared on that line

-  and mixing up something like that in other subjects (punt/bunt) is something I doall the time sooooo... I thought you were joking in one sense...but actually didn't know punt vs bunt OR punt was a typo.

Now one is wondering why the smiley didnt appear - hmmm

On 5/16/2018 10:04 AM, Bruce Walker wrote:
On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 9:02 AM, ann sanfedele <> wrote:
On 5/16/2018 1:50 AM, Mark Roberts wrote:
Bruce Walker wrote:

Punting is a good thing, right? I've never been a sports fan so I'm
not too good with baseball metaphors.
Obviously you don't know anything about punting. It's a nautical
pastime favoured by students at Oxford. Cotty will tell you all about

  Well there is that, but I think Bruce was confusing baseball with football
on this side of the pond.
   Punt is a football term
/Bunt/ is a baseball term - it's good if it works
Well, I _did_ add a winking smiley when I wrote that, Ann. The Brits
and some sympathizers are running with it. :-)

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