My DA*60-250/4 has served me well for several years. I paid about $1700 for it 
back then, B&H now sell it for $1296. I use it on the K-1 in both full frame 
and crop mode. It vignettes slightly in full frame mode. I’m moving to the D FA 
70-200, so I would like the sell the 60-250. My sample doesn’t show any signs 
of wear. The glass appears to be perfect. The zoom has always been slightly 
stiff through the midrange, but I was told that is native to the lens. It comes 
with original caps, the hood and the tripod mount. All the goodies that it came 
with when new. I will let it go for $700, with free shipping to a United States 
address. Will ship anywhere but will need shipping fee to non-U.S. addresses.

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