Stanley Halpin wrote:

>Looks good! A good selection of some impressive photos.

It was surprisingly easy to make the selection. Portrait-orientation
photos were obviously out, as were square shots. And a lot of the
landscape-format shots (like your "Street Sweeper", I'm afraid) were
to 'fat' a rectangle to be cropped into the proportions necessary for
the calendar format. Then, after deciding that people like Jostein
could only have one photo in the calendar ;-) I just leaned toward the
ones with a strong overall graphic element.

>> On Jun 11, 2018, at 10:02 AM, Mark Roberts <> 
>> wrote:
>> After all the work getting the various versions of the book ready it
>> was a big relief to get to the simple, fast and easy task of setting
>> up the calendar. Here it is:
Mark Roberts - Photography & Multimedia

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