I love the notion of a photo book sale from forum photographers to raise money 
towards a charitable cause. The PDML Annual is one of my favorites of this type 
of effort every year. The Leica User Forum has been doing a similar thing since 
2010, although not every year. They are offering one for 2018. 

I took a look at the preview and liked it, thought others might enjoy it and 
consider a contribution. And no: I don't have any work in this book. 

No matter where you go, there you are.

Leica User Forum Book 2018 

7x7 inch Softcover

10 x 8 inch hardback

12 inch Large Square and PDF versions

£10 from each sale will go to the Worldwide Cancer Research charity

About the Book

Since we produced the first Leica User Forum Book, back in 2010, we have raised 
over £25,000 for the international fundraising charity “Worldwide Cancer 
Research”. With this, the fourth volume, we are raising further funds for their 
work, supporting cancer research around the world. 

This year, there are 105 photographs, chosen by sixty of the people who made 
the original entries for consideration, all of whom are members of the Leica 
User Forum. Once again some sixty members have their work included within the 

All of the photographs have been taken with Leica cameras or lenses (or both) 
and are a mixture of film and digital media.

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