And spameatingmonkey strikes again:

On 6/11/2018 19:14, John wrote:
I wonder if you're having the same problem I'm having?

Earthlink's email servers keep getting rejected by "spameatingmonkey" because someone in Atlanta (?) keeps triggering the SPAM filter when he blasts out a press release.

It's always the same guy, but it's not always the same email server. There's a range from xxx.xx.xx.61 to xxx.xx.xx.69. If my email happens to hit the same server as his press release blast, it bounces with a 550 error.

spameatingmonkey won't do anything about it, and I have tried (AND FAILED) on numerous occasions to get Earthlink to address the problem, but their so-called "tech support" can't even understand what it is. They don't even know what SPAM is or what a SPAM Blacklist is.

On 6/11/2018 13:00, jtainter wrote:
Doug, could you please instruct your server that emails from me are not junk mail.
I've had two rejected recently, one a few seconds ago.



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