If you insist:

I just created a gallery set for each, flora and fauna:

This old "best of" gallery includes photos on both subjects,
but I don't think I'd get any time soon to sort them this way...



Larry Colen Mon, 11 Jun 2018 12:41:20 -0700 wrote:

Cleaning up my mailbox I did an update to my list of links to plant and animal albums and collections. I took the liberty of snagging links to Josteins macros because his bug photos and just pointed at Alan's albums in general because he has too many amazing photos of african wildlife to not include at least a clue.

Flickr borked by flora collection, so I quickly regenerated it, one of these days I may clean it up.

If anybody else has albums of plants, animals or macros of such, please reply and add to the list.

Brian Walters flora & fauna

Matthew Hunt

Subash Jeyan

Ann Sanfedele cats

Ann Sanfedele critters Ann Sanfedle flowers:

Paul Stenquist

Larry Colen Fauna: Larry Colen Flora:


I snagged the link to Jostein's macros:

Alan hasn't put together flickr collections but he has too many cool albums of African wildlife to not at least snag the link to his albums.

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