On Mon, 10 Sep 2018 06:24:02 +0200
Alan C <c...@lantic.net> wrote:

> Another fine image, Subash. The subject is quite dark in colour &
> shows no topknot - rather different to others I saw on the internet.
> I expected it to be more like the African Pied Kingfisher.

thanks Alan. there is a 'topknot' but it's invisible from this angle.
but the indian ones seem to be generally darker (from a cursory perusal
of images on the net)....

> On 09-Sep-18 07:45 PM, Subash Jeyan wrote:
> > we went this morning hoping to catch a red-necked falcon and what we
> > got was a pied kingfisher. and lots butterflies....
> >
> > http://something-feathered.in/2018/09/09/pied-kingfisher/
> >
> > hope you enjoy...

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