Subash Jeyan wrote on 9/13/18 5:39 PM:
that's gorgeous. just a niggle though. i wish you hadn't cut off the
beach at the bottom. like i said, just a niggle in what is a wonderful

Thanks for the kind words.

I shot from 8:55 to 10:40 using the same lens without moving the tripod. Most of the shots were bracketed at 10 and 20 seconds, f/1.4 ISO 6400. In theory they could all be stitched together.

I stopped shooting when my battery went dead and I had forgot to put a spare in my little bag. My pano has a lot of shots that aim lower. I did run into a few issues:

1: discontinuities when the pano software lines up the stars but not the horizon. This was the one set that I shot with the camera in horizontal/landscape orientation. In the future, I'll have to do a bunch of shots either below the horizon or above the horizon with only one set overlapping the horizon.

1A: I wonder if there is a way in lighroom to crop photos at above or below the Horizon and export those crops as DNGs for the panorama stitching to use.

2: just to camera right a few feet of where I was shooting there was a gate across the path to the normal place that people photograph McWay falls, my tripod was up against the guard rail, so you can't see much more of the beach, just the brush on the hillside.

3: some other shots in my proof album show the foreground
here is one

On Thu, 13 Sep 2018 11:33:49 -0700
Larry Colen <> wrote:

I was working in Carmel yesterday.  After work I headed South on 1,
on my way back I stopped at one of those iconic spots to practice my
astro landscape work.

I think this pano has potential:

I'm still dealing with some issues with stitching in lightroom,
particularly discontinuities in the horizon when it matches up on the

It's going to need a lot more work, so suggestions are most welcome.

Larry Colen 

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