I'm on the last leg, homewards bound, now cruising down the Sierras on the 
train after six weeks of travel to the Isle of Man, Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, 
London, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, and all the other places 
between there and here. It's a grey, rainy day today but the mountains are 
still the mountains: serene and beautiful, breathtaking to roll through and 
marvel at. 

It has been an amazing journey seeing good friends, old friends, new friends, 
family, and places around a third of the world.


I'll be home tonight by 7pm. True journeys never end, however; this one will 
remain in my memory until Time is no more. 

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful moments of the past six weeks. I 
cannot express how great it's all been. 'Til next time... :-)

"No matter where you go, there you are."

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