Many of the the studio/wedding pros I know through PPNC were switching to Godox a couple of years ago, but this year it looks like they're all going gaga over Profoto or Photogenic battery powered systems.

They're mostly CaNikon shooters and Pentax support/compatibility isn't a big issue for them.

This year I also learned new lights from Profoto & Photogenic that have their own built in receivers don't appear to be compatible with Pocket Wizards.

I bought a used Plus II earlier this year because all the lights the vendors brought last year for us to test during the shoot-in were Pocket Wizard compatible, but all the transmitters were dedicated for CaNikon. The Plus II works with any camera that has a hot shoe (also has a port for PC Sync). So I was ready this year, and none of the lights worked with the Pocket Wizard.

Looks like you have to use Godox strobes with that controller to get TTL, High Speed Sync & all the other goodies they feature. I don't think you can use it to control a Pentax AF-540FGZ remotely.


On 10/4/2018 02:47, Larry Colen wrote:
I just ran across a reference to their xpro-p wireless flash controller.
It looks like an interesting system, and it's nice that it talks to Pentax.

I'm not looking to spend any money on flash gear in the near future, but I still like to keep informed.

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