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That sounds like a PUG of 2 submissions:)

Yeah - that's my feeling as well.

I never thought of this place as being of limited imagination.

I don't think that's the problem.

The issue is that participation in the PUG has been tending downwards over the
past year or two and the majority of themes haven't been too demanding.  I just
have the strong suspicion that a theme like 'Sonorous interiors' will get little

Happy to include it but I'd need some serious encouragement from the list to do

Brian, when I was maintaining the PUG, I found that I had to be quite the cheerleader as well. I had the (perhaps dubious) advantage of having to hand code the gallery every month, and so I had a lot of volunteers helping with that. IIRC, I had a crew of half a dozen page coders at one time, which also gave a bit more traffic to the list, keeping the PUG closer to the front of people's minds.

Personally, I think simpler themes are better.


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