Thanks Stan. Do you download unmodified images directly from the camera, i.e 
unperfected through photoshop or Lightroom?

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>Subject: Re: OT - using Apple “Lightning to SD card camera reader”
>I’ve been using this for years with both my iPad Air 2 and Meg’s iPad Mini 2. 
>And we each had earlier versions of the iPad, and never had an issue reading 
>SD cards.
>I downloaded the latest iOS a few days ago, and I just verified that the SD 
>reader dongle does still work.
>Cannot imagine what the issue might be…
>> On Aug 15, 2019, at 12:53 PM, Ken Waller <> wrote:
>> Picked up an Apple Air I pad and am having no luck downloading images 
>> (jpegs) with the Apple Lightning to SD camera reader. Noticed many reviews 
>> on the Apple site where most of them couldn’t get the device to work. A lot 
>> of the comments point to an issue with the Later IOS.
>> Anyone using the device on a iPad? 😞

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