It’s been a bad few years for a lot of people, I’m sorry to hear it’s been your 
turn. I hope you’re not too badly affected personally by it.

I agree with Larry’s comment about ghoulishness.

Bon courage.

> On 17 Sep 2023, at 07:31, Alan C <> wrote:
> Yesterday was a very hot day (40°C) in Phalaborwa with strong winds from the 
> west. A veld fire broke out to the West of the town & rapidly got of control, 
> jumping Spekboom Street on the western boundary & setting several thatched 
> roofed houses on fire including the iconic Elegant Guest House. All available 
> local firefighting services from the town fire brigade & mines were on the 
> scene &  a firefighting helicopter was brought in from Tzaneen but It still 
> took 10 hours to bring the fire under control. 12 houses were totally 
> destroyed & others damaged but fortunately there was no loss of life. By far 
> the worst disaster in Phalaborwa in the 47 years I have been here. Much 
> cooler today but the air is still filled with smoke. I felt it would be 
> ghoulish to take photos but you can find some on the internet if you look.
> Alan C
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