That's very interesting. A German masterpiece.

My first SLR was a Pentax S1a which I bought in 1962 when I was at university. It came with a SuperTak 55/2. Later I added a 135/3.5 & a Vivitar 2x TC. It served me well for about 20 years until the cloth shutter ripped. By then the Spotmatics were all the rage but I couldn’t afford one. Fortunately, a shop in Pretoria had a closing-out sale of Praktica MTL5B’s for a mere R110 so I snapped one up & was back in business with my Pentax lenses. It was built like a tank & worked the same as a Spotmatic. I recently sold the whole rig to a lady in Cape Town where film is still alive & well. Scroll L for another.

Alan C

On 28-Sep-23 11:24 PM, wrote:
But pretty cool.
I love how it’s not E Germany but USSR Occupied

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