My photography over the past year was very much in fits and starts.  Almost all 
of the photography I've done the past three months has been on bike rides.
3rd quarter faves

Some may find it interesting to compare the image quality of my Lumix, my phone 
and my K-3III in this album from my various rides, most of you would probably 
think the album is just too long.

The micro 4/3 is wonderfully convenient to carry on the bike, but the sensor is 
rather noisy in adverse conditions
lightroom's denoise filter does an impressive job, however

As to my annual "best of", it is interesting to be reminded that a year ago 
yesterday I heard a loud noise which turned out to be a landslide where the 
back yard of a house across the river from mine slid into the river. Then in 
March a tree fell on my neighbor's house, a week later one fell on the power 
lines in front of my other neighbor's house, and my property ended up on the 
news behind the anchor man talking about all of the landslides in the area.  
About a month after that, as we were moving into the new office, I heard some 
bangs behind the building, which turned out to be several cars engulfed in 

The year ended much more quietly, and in retrospect the photo of the windmill 
was today's ride, so not actually 2024, but I'm not going to sweat petty 

2023 faves

Larry Colen   sent from Mirkwood

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