Hi Charles,


I've been working to get both powerdns and powerdns-recursor on 9.3 and I
think I have a solution. Unfortunatly work has been extremely hectic, so I
haven't had time to create PR's for this. Until those are submitted and then
commited the only FreeBSD versions that it runs on without issues are 10.0
and higher.

The problem on 9.3 is caused by the fact that the 4.0 branch of powerdns and
recursor now need a C++11 capable compiler. Since 9.3 is shipped with GCC
4.2.1, a newer one from ports is required, but by pulling that in other
things (mostly linking to libraries) breaks.


Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to get those PR's ready, so 9.3
will be supported again, although you will need an OpenSSL version from
ports set as your default version or it still will be marked as BROKEN.


Best regards,



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Going through my normal updates, I found my automated build of the recursor
package was completing rather quickly.  On looking at the logs, I saw this:

====>> Ignoring dns/powerdns-recursor: is marked as broken on FreeBSD 9.3:
linker error

Some info is here:


So somewhere up the chain (the FreeBSD port maintainer or the PDNS project),
has it been made official that PowerDNS is not supported on FreeBSD 9.3?  Do
you also maintain a list of "officially supported" OSes?



Charles Sprickman
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