On 17/05/2018 12:01, Mohamad F. Barham wrote:
Im the one who managing a recursor server not the one who manage an authoritative server for ramallah-gis.ps.

but I noticed the previous case in ramallah-gis.ps domain, SO , is there away to avoid such a problem in the recursor , (force to get from nscp1/2 and not to go further just like what dns.google do )

If an authoritative domain is broken for you, then it's most likely broken for much of the Internet.

You can force all queries for ramallah-gis.ps to be sent to nscp1/2.intertech-pal.com by means of a "forwarders" entry. To do this, in your recursor.conf put:


And in that file put:


But if you need this domain to work, I think effort would be better spent talking to the domain owner.  Over time your forwarders entry may become stale (e.g. if the domain owner moves their nameservice), so you are storing up problems for the future.

As for whether pdns recursor merges NS records from the zone with the delegation, or replaces them - I defer to the pdns experts.  I pretty sure that BIND has implemented both behaviours in different versions.




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