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The purpose of this migration is also to migrate the others domains that are managed by the same NS (NS1 and NS2). The question is the following, if we start by disabling the MOMO.COM <http://MOMO.COM> zone on powerdns and deleting the A (GLUE) records on route53, there will be an impact for the other domains we will migrate after? Is it a good idea to do it before moving the other zones? Then for each domain that will move, we will delete the NS and create the zone on route53

This isn't really a powerDNS question, but I'll answer briefly anyway.

The glue records for NS1/2.MOMO.COM are irrelevant here.  When you move momo.com to route53, you'll be assigned a new set of nameservers, e.g.

momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-1143.awsdns-14.org.
momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-1944.awsdns-51.co.uk.
momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-422.awsdns-52.com.
momo.com.    43200    IN    NS    ns-964.awsdns-56.net.

Therefore, you change the set of nameservers to that list in the registrar.  ns1/2.momo.com are not used to serve momo.com any more, and hence the glue records are no longer required.

Equally, this doesn't affect any other domains which are remaining on ns1/2.momo.com, since ns1/2.momo.com will still resolve to your nameserver IP addresses.

When you move those other domains to route53, you'll have to change *their* list of nameservers too (and note: you may get a *different* set of nameservers for each domain you move to route53)

When you've finished the whole process, you can decommission ns1/ns2.momo.com



P.S. the domain "momo.com" is currently running on nameservers "dante.enter.it" and "dexter.enter.it"

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