Trying to solve

I start to work on a dropin alternative for current json extension in php.

Current work:

It is obviously to late for PHP 5.5, and need probably more feedback,
more tests, and more work before a RFC for PHP 5.6 (or later).

* json_encode : same code than php 5.5, no difference

* json_decode : wrapper over json-c 0.11 library.

- error code returned by the parser are different.
- number only parse as integer (no automatic cast to double)
- loose of performance (but still acceptable, I think)

New feature: as json-c is an incremental parser, a new class is
available to allow incremental parsing (for large json encoded data)

        $parser = new JsonIncrementalParser();
        $fic = fopen("somefile.json", "r");
        do {
            $buf = fgets($fic);
        } while ($buf && ($ret==JsonIncrementalParser::JSON_PARSER_CONTINUE));
        $result = $parser->get();

Still TODO: windows build stuff.


        update the existing pecl/json extension
or      create a new pecl/json-c extension


P.S. I have tried to contact Omar, original author of this extension,
without success.

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