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Release notes
** Bug
    * [PHPC-586] - Create regression tests for tailable cursor iteration
    * [PHPC-624] - WriteResult::getUpsertedIds() only supports ObjectIDs and 
    * [PHPC-692] - Check for phongo_bson_to_zval_ex() failures in Server methods
    * [PHPC-712] - Driver should validate BSON documents before insert and 
    * [PHPC-875] - Allow compiling without SSL
    * [PHPC-895] - Require 16-byte data length for Binary UUID subtypes 0x03 
and 0x04
    * [PHPC-914] - php mongodb connect 'SCRAM Failure: invalid salt length of 0 
in sasl step2' exception
    * [PHPC-939] - BSON classes should not assign public properties after 
    * [PHPC-950] - Skip APM callbacks if subscriber HashTable is uninitialized
    * [PHPC-951] - CursorId is a signed 64-bit integer
    * [PHPC-964] - Ensure SASL output variables are always defined in config.m4
    * [PHPC-974] - Converting JSON to BSON to PHP introduces gaps in array 
    * [PHPC-981] - APM functions should reside in MongoDB\Driver\Monitoring 
    * [PHPC-982] - Include null byte in key length when accessing subscriber 
HashTable in PHP 5
    * [PHPC-983] - MongoDB\BSON\toPHP() arg info is missing type map parameter

** Epic
    * [PHPC-909] - Spring cleaning for 1.3.0

** New Feature
    * [PHPC-349] - Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
    * [PHPC-382] - Allow zval_to_bson() to return the ID irrespective of ID 
    * [PHPC-471] - BulkWrite::insert() should always return the document's ID
    * [PHPC-587] - CursorId should serialize to BSON as 64-bit integer
    * [PHPC-772] - Parse authMechanism options in URI options array
    * [PHPC-839] - Add option maxAwaitTimeMS on getMore commands
    * [PHPC-926] - Implement Extended JSON spec
    * [PHPC-976] - Create isDefault() method for read and write concerns
    * [PHPC-985] - Implement Timestamp::getIncrement() and getTimestamp() 
    * [PHPC-988] - PHP 5.x segfault if TypeWrapper::createFromBSONType() throws 

** Task
    * [PHPC-302] - Throw exceptions for unsupported BSON types
    * [PHPC-640] - Implement interfaces for userland BSON type classes
    * [PHPC-765] - Connection string spec compliance
    * [PHPC-892] - Upgrade libbson and libmongoc to 1.6.0
    * [PHPC-907] - Remove PHONGO_API macro for exported symbols
    * [PHPC-908] - Do not declare MINIT functions for each driver class
    * [PHPC-910] - Reorganize BSON encoding and decoding sources
    * [PHPC-911] - Prefix symbols and use static decls whenever possible
    * [PHPC-915] - Document precedence of authMechanismProperties URI option 
over named GSSAPI options
    * [PHPC-928] - Sync release files in PECL package generation script
    * [PHPC-929] - Skip BSON corpus test for embedded null in code string
    * [PHPC-932] - Remove reference to Manager on Cursor, Server, and 
WriteResult objects
    * [PHPC-953] - Do not parse undocumented "database" key in URI options array
    * [PHPC-957] - Use libmongoc constants for applicable URI options
    * [PHPC-959] - Do not check for null return from 
    * [PHPC-977] - Upgrade libbson and libmongoc to 1.7.0
    * [PHPC-992] - Rename to[Canonical|Relaxed]JSON() to 

** Improvement
    * [PHPC-579] - Throw exception for invalid BulkWrite::update() newObj 
    * [PHPC-628] - executeBulkWrite() should throw InvalidArgumentException for 
empty BulkWrite
    * [PHPC-846] - Throw if maxStalenessSeconds URI option is out of range
    * [PHPC-887] - Throw exceptions for unexpected types in URI options array
    * [PHPC-904] - ReadPreference constructor should accept strings
    * [PHPC-930] - Do not throw exceptions for critical and error levels in 
libmongoc log callback
    * [PHPC-935] - Validate filter and options in Query constructor
    * [PHPC-937] - Cursor::setTypeMap() and toPHP() should return early if type 
map is invalid
    * [PHPC-941] - Introduce API for converting BSON to canonical and relaxed 
extended JSON
    * [PHPC-942] - Use mongoc_uri_new_with_error() to improve URI error 
    * [PHPC-944] - MONGOC_ERROR_COMMAND_INVALID_ARG should yield 

Package Info
The purpose of this driver is to provide exceptionally thin glue between MongoDB
and PHP, implementing only fundemental and performance-critical components
necessary to build a fully-functional MongoDB driver.

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Derick Rethans <> (lead)
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Hannes Magnusson <> (lead)

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