Hi: I have a new PHP extension and a maintenance extension that I want to add 
to PECL; New extensions: This extension solves the problem that PHP exports 
excel slowly and has a large memory footprint, which is very desirable; Url: 
https://github.com/viest/php-ext-excel-export Maintenance extensions: This is a 
PHP extension for fast string search and replace. It is 2 by StringUtils. PHP. 
It supports multiple search terms. We use It as a replacement for PHP 's STRTR, 
which is extremely missile in certain cases. The Chinese script conversion is 
one of those cases. This extension USES a Commentz - Walter style algorithm for 
multiple search terms, or a Boyer Moore - algorithm for single search terms. 
Url: https://github.com/viest/php-ext-ffs

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