Hello everyone:

I am a PHP developer from China, the main force of PHP production, I use
the laravel framework at work.

Now I will introduce my extension (php-ext-excel-export), which often
encountered in the work need to export data to other people (eg:
administrators, non-developers), I export the csv file is very good Way,
but they don't think so because they prefer xlsx files because it's more
friendly to them,
I tried to use phpoffice to accomplish this task, but because of the
relatively large amount of data, phpoffice took a very long time to
complete this task. This management staff was very dissatisfied with it.
Not only that, phpoffice also used a lot of memory and I couldn't even use
it. Phpoffice lacks enough memory to export more than 20,000 lines of data,
which is very bad for me.

I tried to handle this task in an extended way. At work, I have used the
php-ext-excel-export extension to solve my problem. It can accomplish a
large number of tasks in very few cases. It's a great thing to finish the
task quickly.

So I want to add this extension to pecl, I hope this extension can also
help other people solve similar problems, which is great.

Project address: https://github.com/viest/php-ext-excel-export.

I hope to get your reply.

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