The new PECL package swoole-2.1.3 (stable) has been released at

Release notes
- Fixed failed to compile on docker
- Fixed Http\Reponse::write is unavailable
- Fixed ProcessPool crash without onWorkerStart callback
- Fixed failed to compile with --disable-coroutine
- Fixed failed to compile with --enable-coroutinepostgresql on php-7.1

Package Info
Event-driven asynchronous and concurrent networking engine with high 
performance for PHP.
- event-driven
- asynchronous non-blocking
- multi-thread reactor
- multi-process worker
- multi-protocol
- millisecond timer
- async mysql client
- built-in http/websocket/http2 server
- async http/websocket client
- async redis client
- async task
- async read/write file system
- async dns lookup
- support IPv4/IPv6/UnixSocket/TCP/UDP
- support SSL/TLS encrypted transmission

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shen zhe <> (developer)
Han Tianfeng <> (lead)

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