One thing more:

I am using* for 
that matter which expects a single function as the second argument (that's 
why it works so nicely in the Ring middleware function wrapping scenario).

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 2:50:26 PM UTC+2, 
> Hi everybody
> Let's say I have a ring middleware ("wrap-in-transaction") which wraps the 
> whole middleware chain in a transaction and rolls back if any of the 
> wrapped middlewares raises an exception.
> (defn main-handler []
>   (-> handler
>        middleware1
>        ...
>        middlewareN
>        wrap-in-transaction))
> How does one do it in Pedestal? 
> Basically what I imagine is having an interceptor (or more) which somehow 
> wraps all the further call queue inside a transaction and on ":leave" would 
> rollback if ":errors".
> But how?
> Thanks
> Matus

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