Jerry, list,

It is a historical fact that CSP left his work on sign classifications aside and proceeded towards other aims. My firm conviction is that he found that way a dead end. - Anyone is free to disagree. - But please, leave me out of any expectations of participating in further discussions on the topic.



Jerry LR Chandler kirjoitti 4.8.2017 17:37:

On Aug 4, 2017, at 1:34 AM, wrote:

I have never found sign classifications of much use, even though I
spent a lot of time once, long ago, with reading CSP's own writings
on those issues.

In my view, the conceptualization of classes / categories lies at the
essence of human communication and the formation of human communities,
including professional disciplines such as logic, mathematics,
chemistry, biology, and the medical professions.

Thus, we are at polar opposites here.

The unity of body, mind and spirit can succeed if and only if...In view



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