Dan, List:

Your point continues to be well-taken.  At the same time, Peirce sharply
cautioned against allowing practical considerations to govern over
theoretical ones within philosophy or any other science of discovery, since
that might wrongly block the way of inquiry (cf. CP 1.619, EP 2:29; 1898).
In my case, the admittedly ambitious objective of these discussions is to
formulate a viable set of definitions for Peirce's semiotic terminology
(i.e., speculative grammar) that is internally consistent, reasonably
faithful to his own usage, and substantially congruent with our individual
experiences.  Thanks to the recent conversations in various threads, I am
cautiously optimistic that I will be ready to hazard a guess at this
particular riddle in the near future.   Should we manage to achieve such an
outcome, its utility for *other *practical purposes can then be assessed,
including Sign classification and applications within the other two
branches of semeiotic (i.e., critical logic and speculative rhetoric or


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On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 8:46 AM, Everett, Daniel <dever...@bentley.edu>

> Thanks, Mary.
> In fact there is a long tradition in lexicography that the meanings of a
> word are the contexts in which it is used. And though we want to be as
> precise as we can be about our understanding of Charlie’s writings, there
> is a fine line between that and engaging in unresolvable debates.
> Peirce himself said that many of his distinctions made little practical
> significance depending on the purposes at hand. The main thing is that we
> are making use of his logic of inquiry within the general constraints of
> Pragmaticism, discussing definitions as these bear on practical problems.
> Otherwise we move quickly away from the useful to the speculative.
> Dan
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