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About Peirce’s formulations of the pragmatic maxim, I’m pretty sure there are more than two in his writings

In his reply to Kirsti, Jon A cited his web page with 7 quotations:

When one decides to write down what one is thinking, one often finds
that the thought is changed by the act of writing it down.

Some of my favorite quotations:

Graham Wallas (1926):
"How can I know what I think till I see what I say?"

E. M. Forster (1927):
"How can I tell what I think till I see what I say?"

Mark Twain (1868)
"Anybody can have ideas -- the difficulty is to express them without
squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to
one glittering paragraph."

Mark Twain (1902)
"The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished
it to your satisfaction.  By that time you begin to clearly and
logically perceive what it is that you really want to say."

Robert Frost (1963)
"I've often said that every poem solves something for me in life.
I go so far as to say that every poem is a momentary stay against
the confusion of the world....  We rise out of disorder into order.
And the poems I make are little bits of order."

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