Sorry. I should have said practical reasoning. It seemed obvious enough. I
shall write context twenty times, :) Here is the entire section with the
proper designation.

*       626. But in practical affairs, in matters of vital importance, it
is very easy to exaggerate the importance of ratiocination. Man is so vain
of his power of reason! It seems impossible for him to see himself in this
respect, as he himself would see himself if he could duplicate himself and
observe himself with a critical eye. Those whom we are so fond of referring
to as the "lower animals" reason very little. Now I beg you to observe that
those beings very rarely commit a mistake, while we ---! We employ twelve
good men and true to decide a question, we lay the facts before them with
the greatest care, the "perfection of human reason" presides over the
presentment, they hear, they go out and deliberate, they come to a
unanimous opinion, and it is generally admitted that the parties to the
suit might almost as well have tossed up a penny to decide! Such is man's

*It would appear that our problems lie in the multiplicity of choices.*
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