On 4/8/2018 3:38 PM, Jon Alan Schmidt wrote:
Attached is another speculative diagram, this time attempting to illustrate the relations of determination among the semiotic Correlates,

My primary concern is that it's too deterministic.  When Peirce wrote
his example of sign replicas (e.g., the many occurrences  of 'the'),
he was talking about marks that had already been classified as tokens
of a particular type.

But marks, by themselves, don't determine the type.  There must be
some mind or quasi-mind that determines the type for some reason.

The same mark can be interpreted as an open-ended variety of types.
Somebody who can't read English might interpret the mark as an
unknown word in some language, or just as some kind of decoration.

And a handwriting expert who does know English might focus on the way
its written rather than its meaning as an English word.

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