Arisbe's host has informed us to expect brief downtimes at the Arisbe site on 
Saturday, March 17th. See below. - Best, Ben

  In response to Microsoft's latest security patch releases; we will be 
patching Windows servers on Saturday, March 17th.  The standard patching will 
be performed between 3:00AM and 8:00AM EST (GMT -4).  During this time your 
site or server will experience a brief period of downtime while the server is 

  Additionally, as part of our on-going efforts to increase network capacity 
and support new technologies, we will be installing new edge layer network 
equipment and making minor routing changes during the patching window on 
Saturday, March 17th.  There will be brief periods of network downtime of less 
than 15 minutes while connections are migrated and routes updated.

  Additional staff will be available both onsite and remotely to test 
connectivity and monitor the progress of the maintenance. No impact is expected 
beyond the maintenance window.

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