Jon, list,

Let's toss Michael Shapiro's blog a link while we're at it.

Language Lore Shapiro persistently brings a 
pragmatist's perspective to linguistics.

I actually ventured into the S.A.A.P. session in honor of Richard Robin on 
Thursday and met some of the people whom I slightly know from online. Contrary 
to the reputations of philosophers in general as "mean," they were a bunch of 
what Gary Richmond called "sweethearts." One person self-identified as a 
linguist and made an interesting statement (but I wasn't taking notes). I 
wondered whether it was Michael Shapiro. Later I realized that I had omitted 
Shapiro's five-volume _Peirce Seminar Series_ from the Arisbe page of journals 
and book series. I've added it now 

Some blogs and home pages are listed at

The blogs are those of some peirce-l members and, I've notice, aren't always 
focused on Peirce, but, well, they're blogs, we're not all focused on Peirce 
all the time.

If anybody has a more-or-less Peirce-related blog or a home page that s/he 
would like to see added, please let me know.

Best, Ben

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A recent blog post by Michael Shapiro on “The Pragmatistic Force of Analogy in 
Language Structure”
reminded me of some work I started on “Inquiry and Analogy in Aristotle and 
Peirce”, parts of which
may be of service in our discussions of the “Categorical Aspects of Abduction, 
Deduction, Induction”.

Here is the link --





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