I've added links to Tom's and Jason's blogs at

Cathy, thanks for the kind words. I know Gary R. has done some hard work but 
your words make me wonder whether I've worked harder than I've realized, since 
I've thought of myself as doing quite a bit of coasting along! Believe me, 
there's more that I could be doing at Arisbe (I've been going slow, hoping for 
better ideas in certain cases about how to format for automated screen 
readers). Anyway, behind the scenes Nathan Houser has been doing a lot. What 
amazes me is the thought of all those scholars gathering from around the world 
to hear some papers and talk to a few people at S.A.A.P.  Really, very many 
people are working hard.

I found Peirce manuscript images posted at the Harvard Houghton site today and 
I've linked to them at
  a.. MS 820 [Fermatian Inference]. P.1 only of 6. 
  b.. MS 1276 Lecture III (presumably the Lowell series 1892-3). P. 119 only of 
(the incomplete) pp. 101-128. 
  c.. MS 1279 Lecture VIII c. 1892 (Lowell 1892-3). P.29 only of pp. 1-35. 
  d.. MS 1287 August 1 notebook, Table of constellations. Facing pages 30 verso 
- 31 recto. Robin said this notebook has 29 pages (and that the other notebook 
in MS 1287 has 21 pages). From [The History of Science from Copernicus to 
Newton (1543-1686)], 1902. 
  e.. MS 1582 Printed announcement of three lectures, with MS note. Entirety, 
one page.
Some time this week I expect to add a number of links to Peirce MS images 
elsewhere on the Internet.

Best, Ben

Cathy wrote,
  For my part, I just want to say I enjoyed the SAAP session on Richard Robin 
very much, and it was particularly lovely to meet in person for the very first 
time those legendary behind-the-scenes supporters of Arisbe and the Peirce-L: 
Gary Richmond and Ben Udell! Guys, I never realised before quite how much you 
were doing to keep alive the Peirce online community, particularly since Joe's 
passing. Thank you. I know the work you do comes from a genuine passion for 
Peirce's ideas. 

  2 more members of this list who I happen to know have philosophical blogs are 
Jason Hills and Tom Gollier. I wonder whether they might be persuaded to share 
the URLs with everyone...:-)

  Cheers, Cathy

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