Steven, list,

The need to click on "Reply All" in order to reply _on list_ to a message is 
not unique to peirce-l.  It avoids a recurrent problem.  Under peirce-l's old 
system, people sometimes accidentally sent to peirce-l personal messages 
unintended for peirce-l, and in some cases it led to considerable embarassment. 
 We will, however, seek to add text about using "Reply All" to the message 
appended by the server to the bottom of each peirce-l message.

Best regards,
Ben Udell and Gary Richmond

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Subject: Re: [peirce-l] The family of Benjamin Peirce

First: someone needs to fix the "reply-to" on the list so that replies are 
directed to it and not the author.

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