Hello all!

Some stimulating discussions at the SAAP regarding this list have
encouraged me to start a thread not with any particular goal in mind, but
to see where it might lead.

What I’m interested to pursue is of the nature of a “check-in” regarding
this list.

As a loosely affiliated group of Peirce enthusiasts, are we getting the
most out of the list that we could be?

What is currently working well on the list?

What, if anything, could be improved?

What are our goals with this list? Would it be right to say it is a
community of inquiry? If so, how is the inquiry going?

If it is not right to see the goal of the list as primarily a community of
inquiry, what goals does it have? And how might they be best realized?

Sharp observers may spot a certain encouragement towards communal critical
self-reflection in the above.

Cheers everyone, Cathy

Catherine Legg

Senior Lecturer, Philosophy Programme

University of Waikato

Private Bag 3105

3240, Hamilton, New Zealand


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