Arisbe is also available at if anybody has a critical 
need during the transition. 

Best regards, 
Ben Udell and Gary Richmond

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From: Benjamin Udell
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 7:26 PM
Subject: [peirce-l] Arisbe to IUPUI and may temporarily appear gone


Arisbe has now been transferred to IUPUI server (but the url remains and will 
remain . Now, it takes a while for the changed server 
location to propagate through the Internet, so it Arisbe may seem to be down 
when you try to access it. But don't worry, everybody will be able to access it 
soon enough!

Thanks to Nathan Houser, David Pfeifer, Bill Stuckey, and people behind the 
scenes for making this possible.

Best regards,
Ben Udell, for myself and Gary Richmond

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