Dear Jon, and list, as I said to you and list I was keeping these answers of 
yours for future reading and consideration as I was very busy some weeks ago. 
The links seem to be very insteresting. I found a Professor in Germany who 
studies Existential Graphs and IT: the link is I dont know him and I dint make any 
contact with him until now!In fact it is the result of a mere and simple search 
on google. I'm very busy and bored with some tasks in my doctorate program 
(where I am a student).Boring questions that relates Brazilian art and 
Brazilian (always imature) policy. I'm feeling distant from this marvellous 
path where Peirce's theory can be found. Still keeping myself close to all of 
you, Ernesto.
 > Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 12:04:36 -0500
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> Subject: Re: On Information Technology
> EC = Ernesto Cultura
> EC: Dear List, my apologies for being far from ultimate discussions about a 
> poem (by Steve Rose).
>      I have little family problems, now everything is ok.  I would like to 
> make a review on some
>      posts that refers to the subject Peirce and the development of 
> Information Technology (Software).
>      If you have some special post to indicate to me I will read it.
> EC: Ernesto de Souza Pachito professor, Federal University (Brasil) at 
> Espírito Santo State
>     (400 miles north from Rio de Janeiro).
> EC: About Budha's Way of the Middle, I just want to talk that there is 
> probably a mediation
>      between Being PASSIVE (to an aggression) and PROPERLY make an effecitve 
> belic RESPONSE;
>      Well in middle East affairs I am Pro Israel (always). E.
> Ernesto & All,
> Ben & Gary -- why do I suddenly crave ice cream? -- can probably give you 
> links
> to the beginnings of Peter Skagestad's lead of the slow read on Joe Ransdell's
> “The Relevance of Peircean Semiotic to Computational Intelligence 
> Augmentation”
> •
> That was the occasion for many of our discussions and digressions on 
> info-tech of late.
> I have an abiding interest in this question, and I had planned to
> collect a share of the discussion on the Arisbe and Inquiry Lists:
> •
> •
> •
> But I found that what little I had to say on the paper itself had already 
> been said some time ago.
> Ongoing events keep bringing the issue back to the front burner, however, so 
> I started collecting
> my desultory elliptics in the vicinity of these several blog posts and pages:
> • 
> •
> •
> •
> It's all rather rambling at present, I'm afraid, as I haven't yet figured out
> how best to use the blog medium to organize any approach to coherent thoughts.
> That seems to be the continuing problem ...
> Regards,
> Jon
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