That reminds me, some of the information on the Gmane archive
didn't get updated about the move from Texas Tech, so you might
want to look at that, too.


Under "Detailed Statistics" it still gives the URL as:

It seems to say that anyone can edit this, but it wouldn't let me.



Stuckey, William E wrote:
PEIRCE-L subscribers,

On 17-May-2012, the PEIRCE-L list will be migrating to a new environment, the 
IU List System. This is because the current LISTSERV is being discontinued.

1) Once the list has been migrated, please check your Junk Mail folder to make 
sure that mail from the migrated list isn't being treated as SPAM.

2) Once the list has been migrated, please use 
instead of when sending to the list. We'll send a 
message to the list when it has been migrated, but we wanted you to be prepared 
for the change.

3) We expect that list members' current individual settings will be be 
preserved. Information will be forthcoming on how to modify settings, view 
archives, etc. The peirce-l page at Arisbe will be modified accordingly.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Bill Stuckey
Network & Information Systems
IUPUI School of Liberal Arts
Cavanaugh Hall 001C
425 University Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202


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