A good quote you brought up. The entelechy or perfection of being Peirce here refers to is something never attained to full, but astrived at, again and again.

Just as with science and scientific knowledge. It's about striving to approach, better and better, The Truth. If there ever would be an end, the absolute perfection of knowledge, that would mean an end, which would be in contradiction with life and living. Life and living IS striving - with some kind of an end. Never the last possible.

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6.5.2006 kello 18:01, Neal Bruss kirjoitti:

 Dear Wilfred:

Do you have 6.341, noted as from "Some Amazing Mazes, Fourth Curiosity," (c. 1909)?

341 The mode of being of the composition of thought, which is always of the nature of the attribution of a predicate to a subject, is the living intelligence which is the creator of all intelligible reality, as well as the knowledge of such reality. It is the /entelechy/, or perfection of being.

Neal Bruss
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 Dear list,

I am currently writing my PhD thesis and want to use the concept of
"entelechy" in it. But, for doing so, I would be interested whether Peirce might have defined this term in other sources than the Century Dictionary
(where I got it from). If so, I would be very interested in sources.

Besides this, I would like to know the exact translation of the greek
(?)word entelechia like it was used by Aristotle.

Is there anyone here on the list who knows this ancient greek (?)language ?

Kind regards,


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