Kirsti, it's good that you couldn't open the attachment -- according to 
my software it contained a virus (the worm Mydoom.O). Neal doesn't 
mention it in the message itself, so i'd bet he didn't even know it was 
attached when he sent it.

Neal, better check your system --


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I didn't succeed in opening your attachment. Could you possibly copy it
and send it as a mail?


7.5.2006 kello 23:09, Neal Bruss kirjoitti:

  . . . and notice how the first two clauses of the passage link
"entelechy" with the Peirce's freuqent turn to grammar in his logic,
and, of course, to his semiotic. ["The mode of being of the composition
of thought, which is always of the nature of the attribution of a
predicate to a subject . . . ].
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