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Sorry I incorrectly attributed the Ehresmann reference to you -- it
will take a while to get oriented to the list.


Janet / List:

You asked, in an earlier post, about the relations between Rosen and Ehresmann.

They were longtime friends and exchanged correspondence for decades.

I would not attempt to go beyond a few sentences in describing the relation of their works.

Ehresmann believes that a physical basis for biology / consciousness exists.

Rosen attempted to show via his personal view of "modeling relation" (not model theory!), that the mathematics of physics was not the mathematics of life.

Both of them use the mathematics of category theory to construct their philosophical positions.

From the perspective of chemical logic (for example, DNA - motivated processes), neither of them seek to invoke the law of mass action or other chemical principles in introducing time into their equations. Thus, while I , personally, have benefited greatly from exchanges with them, I long ago decided to construct a new path that is consistent with chemical logic.



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