dave wrote:
> hello
> i'm working on a photo gallery for my site
> which uses gd to resize pictures, this strips the exif metadata from the 
> image file
> my plan was to grab the exif data first (this was ok), then add it back 
> to the resized image (this was not ok)
> first, the images reverted back to their original state (or another 
> state of lower quality at the original full size)
> then i was thinking of trying to simply add the exif data, but since 
> there is no exif data, the appropriate tiff object cannot be retrieved 
> to be modified
> is there a simple workaround for this?
> or am i going about this wrong?
> my code is a part of a larger code base, so i'll just try to post 
> relevant, simplified code
> $jpeg = new PelJpeg();
> $jpeg->loadFile($fullFilePath);
> $exif = $jpeg->getSection(PelJpegMarker::APP1);
> if (is_null($exif)) {
>      return null;
> }
> else {
>      $tiff = $exif->getTiff();
>      $ifd0 = $tiff->getIfd();
>      $tmp = $ifd0->getSubIfds();
>      // store all relevant fields (aperture, iso, shutter speed, etc.) 
> in an array/structure
>      // resize and watermark image using gd (strips the exif metadata)
>      // re-apply original exif metadata
>      // and write back to the file
>      file_put_contents($fullFilePath, $jpeg->getBytes());
> }
> ideally what i need, is a way to add exif data to a new file (one that 
> has no exif data), is this possible?
> thanks
> dave
oops, can't believe i didn't see this earlier
just get the exif data of the old file, load a new peljpeg with the new file
and use insertSection to add the APP1 section to the new jpeg

easy :D


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