Martin Geisler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi again,
> I would like to hear if anybody uses the large descriptions in PelTag
> of the individual tags?
> I don't like them and I'm thinking of dropping them because:
> * They are more or less verbatim copies from the Exif specification,
>   so I guess it is a violation of their copyright to include them.
> * They refer to examples, tables, and figures from the Exif
>   specification which means that some of the descriptions doesn't make
>   much sense by themselves.
> * They're marked as translatable, but I don't expect anybody to ever
>   work all the way through them.
> * They are somewhat large. I just trimmed the file down to 45 KiB from
>   111 KiB. To that one should add the savings from the smaller .po
>   files and API docs.
> Any arguments for or against?

No feedback yet... I've come up with an argument against deleting the

* Some of them have already been translated, and by deleting them we
  throw that work out of the window.

Before deleting the descriptions the statistics looked like this:

  da.po:  289 translated,   0 fuzzy, 112 untranslated
  de.po:  101 translated,  32 fuzzy, 268 untranslated
  es.po:  281 translated,  27 fuzzy,  93 untranslated
  fr.po:  285 translated,   1 fuzzy, 115 untranslated
  ja.po:  210 translated,   1 fuzzy, 190 untranslated
  pl.po:  254 translated,  56 fuzzy,  91 untranslated
  Total: 1420 translated, 117 fuzzy, 869 untranslated

Here 1420 / (1420+117+869) = 59% of the messages have been translated.
After the trimming, we get:

  da.po:  253 translated,  0 fuzzy,  21 untranslated
  de.po:   96 translated, 29 fuzzy, 149 untranslated
  es.po:  194 translated, 14 fuzzy,  66 untranslated
  fr.po:  236 translated,  0 fuzzy,  38 untranslated
  ja.po:  203 translated,  1 fuzzy,  70 untranslated
  pl.po:  171 translated, 39 fuzzy,  64 untranslated
  Total: 1153 translated, 83 fuzzy, 408 untranslated

The translation percentage is now 70% :-)

(Hmm... It would be fun to have such statistics generated
automatically like I've seen it at other projects.)

Regardless of those statistics, I'm going to delete the descriptions.
Mostly because many of them cannot be properly translated (with their
references to tables and figures in the Exif spec) and because they
are from said spec.

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