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Hi Matt

> Is it possible to specify the order of segments when saving a JPEG
> using PEL?

No, this is not something I've never though about...

But as you can see in PelJpeg::getBytes(), the sections are simply
written out in the same order as they appear in the (private)
$sections field.

You can get the field using the getSections() method, maybe there
should be a setSections() method too? Then you could manipulate them
as you wish and insert them afterwards.

Let me know if you think this would be an advantage and I'll add such
a method.

> I am trying to write JPEGS that are compatible with my digital
> camera, but are not photos taken using it.
> Specifically, I would like to write in this order:
> APP0
> SOF0
> --END
> It is most important that there is only one DQT entry, containing
> two tables.

I know very little about how JPEG actually works... I know just enough
to parse the files and to write them out again afterwards :-)

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