I'm having some problems saving my GPS coordinates in the EXIF longitude 
and latitude tags.

In my application, the user inputs the GPS coordinates in DD format 
which my application converts
to DMS (which I believe is the only format PEL supports?). I then try to 
save the tag with this:

$lon = new PelEntryRational(PelTag::GPS_LONGITUDE, 

This works to an certain extent, but I'm not able to save the seconds 
with decimals (which I need to get an
accurate result). When I convert for example

DD = 11.195976 to DMS = 11-11-45.5136

it doesn't save 45.5136, but it saves 455136 (without the decimal 
point), which of course messes everything up.
Why is that? Isn't it possible to use decimals here?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Petter Holt Juliussen

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